Welcome to Techstacks!

My blog is a good resource for information relevant to Systems Administrators and Web Site Administrators looking for tips on Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, IIS, PCI Compliance, useful scripts (primarily groovy and perl but there are some older ruby and powershell ones, too), load-balancing with F5 BigIPs, mod_proxy, mod_jk and more.  Most of them are located in the Downloads section but some are only available in-blog.

Launched in 2009, the "HOWTO Guides" section is coming along nicely.  A HOWTO Guide is a single-subject article covering everything you need to know to accomplish specific tasks like disabling weak encryption ciphers in Apache or setting up the mod_jk isapi connector in IIS.

Finally, I have ported some scripts to Google App Engine that may be useful to bloggers, site administrators, and webmasters.  Visit the Techstacks Tools page and let me know what you think.